Learning Management System

Create and manage tests, exams, quizzes, and other assessments with a variety of question kinds (multiple choice, essay, drag-and-drop matching, etc.) and a variety of outcomes.

Our unique points

With an experienced team, IZZI ASIA promises to deliver the best technology solutions to serve multiple areas, purposes for both individuals and enterprises.

Managing easily

Take note, statistic and report fully automati, quickly catch up with the overall progress of educational activities of each student

Vibrant educational environment

Complete group of supporting documents: video, visual image, audio,... with the ability of connecting online

Optimize the transformation

Regularly updated with useful features to deal with the reality and problems of the market.

Build courses on demand

Provides details, behaviours of each individuals to enhance experience.


Save time and cost of offline operation. Courses can be backed up, quickly restarted or reused with simple manipulations.

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